About Truth Or Scams

About Truth Or Scam

Truth Or Scam is a website resource that allows consumers a chance to voice their opinions and concerns. Upon editorial research, we will verify any information pertaining to each claim and decide whether there is sufficient evidence to post complaints, reviews, and ratings. The more information our team is given or able to find about a source, the more in-depth our reviews get. We cover both B2B companies and business to consumer scams.

If you are a consumer and feel you have been scammed or defrauded, please fill out our “I’ve been scammed form,” and someone from our team will contact you. All information on our website is well-researched. Consumer opinions are their own.

Review Submission Guidelines

  • We do not pose any bias and only provide the information we are able to verify online such as other review sites, other complaint websites, email or message screenshots from consumers, photos, and anything that validates consumers claim.
  • We do not write reviews based on individuals unless their name is included in the business name, for example, “John Doe LLC” or “Jane Doe Inc.”
  • Our reviews will use the name the business is most recognized for, the legal name, or the website’s domain name to help other consumers who are facing similar challenges voice their opinions.
  • We allow businesses a chance to respond to consumer complaints, reviews, our editorial ratings if they contact us with proof of ownership of the business.

Proof Of Ownership

To contact us about responding the reviews, complaints, or ratings, please attach proper documentation such as “active” articles of incorporation, current licenses, or in some cases, direct emailing from the domain under review. We are unable to post responses with Proof of Business Ownership as anyone can claim they are a representative of any business.

Only Verified Complaints, Reviews, and Ratings

Again, we do everything in our power to ensure any business listed on our website is as accurate as possible. We strongly advise our audience to visit other sources before making a final decision about the trustworthiness of the company in question.

We take the extra time to verify all statements and information but cannot guarantee 100% accuracy for any listing or information on this website. We ask all commenters, reviewers, and anyone posting a complaint to verify their data and request to either include their full name or initials to be displayed publicly.

If we feel that any information provided is too exaggerated, vague, dishonest, or otherwise a poor representation of the company in question, we exercise our honesty to decline the review, complaint, and/or response.

Who Can Post Reviews or Complaints?

Although our primary focus is on consumer complaints and customer reviews, we allow existing and previous employees that platform to voice their opinions on working for the company as well. All we ask for is proof of employment and documentation verifying you are who you say you are – neither of which are ever posted online nor disclosed to the company in question.

Should employees want to remain anonymous, we still need the same information, but instead of listing the employee’s first, last name or initials, it will say “verified anonymous.”

In an age where anyone can buy fake reviews online, one verified review is worth dozens of unverified reviews.

Are you worried a company might be scamming you? Are you having trouble dealing with a con-artist? Have you been a victim of fraud?

TruthOrScam.org can help you in expressing your digital right to post the truth online and let others know before becoming victims. But just how can you tell if someone is scamming you?

Know When Businesses Are Telling The Truth Or Scamming You