Truth Or Scam

Avoid Fraud & Digital Scams

Is the website or business you’re dealing with telling the truth, or are they an outright scam? How would you like an online resource that does the expert research and investigation for you for free? With over 20 decades of Internet experience, we help online consumers such as yourself navigate through the dangers of the web. Today, clicking on one wrong link could be the cause of identity theft; or giving a company or person you thought was legitimate your personal information. With advances in technology, it seems as though it’s getting more difficult to detect these online thieves. Digital criminals and burglars are always finding new ways to scam people and take their money, and it doesn’t matter what country you’re in.

However, technology can always start working on your side. The dark ages of the web are over, and now more than ever posting your one experience across a few top consumer complaint websites can be the result of shutting down unethical practices, helping others, and in some cases, it could even result in you getting your money back. Online scammers might want to pay you to remove your complaints because of the damage it’s causing, which puts the control back in your court.

Truthful companies are more likely to respond to your complaints and work with you to fix the problem or simply issue you a refund.

Once a purchase has been made online or in-person, you have every right to post your review(s) or complaints anywhere online. If you choose to create your own website about your experience, you have the power to do so. Consumer complaints have led to many federal investigations, arrests, and lawsuits, and are responsible for giving back portions of the money people were scammed out of, but we can all admit that seeing justice served is well worth it.

With Truth Or Scam, we help you get the justice you deserve. We listen when no one else will. We put more power in the hands of the consumer.

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